Tealight Personal Candle

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FLIKRFIRE’s Tealight set brings the design and durability of our classic fireplace, and incorporates it into our tealights. Each set comes with:

  • 3 concrete holders  
  • 3 hand turned solid Ash bases, sourced from our Ukrainian partners in the Carpathian Mountains, to elevate the design and provide protection to your surface.
  • 3 candles 

Simply drop in any 1.5” standard tealight, light, and enjoy the ambiance.

Beautiful. Peaceful. Fun.

Embracing the Wabi Sabi.

Let's make a memory together

We’re an experiential brand driven by making memories. We call these "FLIKRFIRE Moments". Maybe it’s coffee as you watch the sunrise. Or it’s ambience on date night. Maybe marshmallows get involved. Need a unique touch for a dinner party? Or, maybe some emergency lighting and subtle warmth when needed. Have a moment to share? Let us know!