Questions (Wholesale)

Selling FLIKRFIRE? This will help!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really light this in my shop?

Always check local fire codes and leasing documents first. That said, after showing FLIKRFIRE in tradeshows all across America, two things typically make us compliant: having a fire extinguisher nearby and shielding the flame to the height of the flame. It's not an upsell I promise, but this is why we made the enclosure we sell. That, alongside an extinguisher, should make you good to go!

Should I even bother lighting it?

Emphatically yes! We often say, "if you light it, it will sell." FLIKRFIRE is lovely unlit sure. But light it up and people go nuts.

Any sales tips & tricks?

Have some pre-skewered marshmallows sitting in a jar beside FLIKRFIRE. Offer people to try roasting a marshmallow when they are walking around. Show snuffing it. People are always amazed at how easily it happens. Talk about how fire needs oxygen and there is very little oxygen in the burn chamber. So voila! First Friday artwalk (etc) in your town? Have FLIKRFIRE outside with previously mentioned marshmallows. If you have a furniture store have it sitting where a customer might actually use it. Dining room table, coffee table, outdoor patio, etc.

Should I have it lit all day long?

As inexpensive as isopropyl alcohol is, being lit all day would get expensive. We suggest you light it as customers are walking into or around your store. If FLIKRFIRE is at your point of sale, you can offer them a little demonstration. Also if you see customers walking in, light it quickly. When they leave, snuff it.

But I want it in the window lit all day!

Ok ok ok! We get it. Dancing flame draws people like, well, moths. If you are going to have one consistently lit we HIGHLY advise you swap two units in and out. After several burns the alcohol will begin to boil. This means the burn time goes down and the flame gets bigger. This is still relatively safe as our cement can withstand 3,000 degrees. But we HIGHLY recommend doing what we do at tradeshows: when one unit dies, swap it for another one, then swap back, etc etc.

We've burned it so much it's starting to look pretty sooty on top.

That's the beauty of age! Like a pair of jeans that is better for a little breaking in (or shoes, or cast iron pans),FLIKRFIRE will patina over time. But this is something to be proud of! Personally, when I see a friends unit is nearly perfectly clean I know they never use it and I'm a touch sad.